Dec. 18th 2008 -web site design
Written by G.H. Hovagimyan   
Wednesday, 19 December 2007
Artists Meeting Minutes – Dec.18th 2008

In Attendance – James Andrews, Chris Borkowski, Bethany Fancher, Thomas Hutchison, G.H. Hovagimyan, Lara Star Martini, Maria Joao Salema, Lee Wells Edita Zulic.

The discussion was about the design and uses of the website. The notion of total transparency of the creative process was discussed. The group asked that the email archive that was public be moved to the private section of the site.  James suggested that revealing the whole process was getting to be an art world cliché.  The group wrestled with the idea of what the site should be. Should it be a promo site for the group or a wide-open site to the public? Lee maintained that putting it all out there was a good thing while others thought that holding something back was appropriate. The discussion continued with the idea of a private internal section for project development and discussion that could be later edited and made public. Lee, G.H. & Chris said that everyone needed to register and start using the site in order to activate it and suggest how to make it into what they want.  

James said that he felt that just making another artists website was not very interesting. G.H. talked about having the site be project driven and not open to a wide audience lke youTube.  James said he’d like to follow up on gh’s idea of a “logo show.” GH also that the Whitney project was coming along and the brochures look very professional. Edita said that when people google her name the artists meeting site popped up with the santa dildos.  Chris discussed metadata and how it affected search engines.  Raphaele had photographed some of the bad santa pictures and they were uploaded onto the site by the time the meeting started.  

Everyone talked about the party Saturday at Raphaeles.  

Please log onto the AM site and add your thoughts to these minutes by using the comment section for registered users.  
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1. Written by Bethany Fancher on 19-12-2007 23:52 - IP:
I think the funny thing about making everything public is that alot of the project proposals seem like they could be completed pieces already, like maybe we are idea machines and our website will be showing everything so why execute it in the end? Like who really needs the Real life Whitney space, we've already been there done that. :x
2. Written by G.H. Hovagimyan on 20-12-2007 07:55 - IP:
comment function
Bethany Fancher made a comment on the meeting minutes. I've just turned on an email function that will now post any of our comments to the email list. Tell me if this works for you all. If you can comment on the meeting minutes and the design discussion it would be really helpful.

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