How to upload images and files for articles
Written by Chris Borkowski   
Wednesday, 23 January 2008

We're using the JCE editor here on the am site. It's a really easy to use WSIWYG editor. 

If you can edit email or compose a Word document then you can edit web content as well.

On the tool bar of the JCE editor are a number of  icons which perform familiar functions such as "BOLD" text , indent and so on. If you hover over each one with a mouse the tool tip will pop-up with a breife descirtion of its function.

Some of the more useful functions are the image editor, media editor and file manage. Which in short, allow authors to insert the appropriate media into content.

Key to any web site is file organization. The image, media, and file manager are configured to work out of pre defined directories. The names of the directories are self-explanatory.

The ideology here is that files to be uploaded and eventualy placed in articles are sorted into two types

- directories for AM artists personal for images artwork, media and files

- directories for articles such as this one 

Within the "1_am_artist_images" directory are subdirectories for each artist, here artist can place their images and artwork that are intended for an article.

Within the "2_article_images" directory are sub directories for each month, so these images which are simply for an article being published in January 2008 belongs in the "01_08" sub directory.

To strive for consistency the media manager (quicktime, flash, etc) and file manager  (PDF, doc, XLS, etc) have been set up in the same manor.

Here's a visual aid of the image editor inserting an image from the "/2_article_images"01_08" directory


This author is writing an article being published in Januray 2008 so all images for this article are placed in the "01_08" folder. Next month's articles will all have their images placed in the "02_08" folder and so on and so forth until the very end of time. Got it ? 

Here's the directory structure of "2_article_image" folder.

Here's the directory structure of "1_am_artist_image" folder.
Put your images in the folder with your name on it.

The same directory structure has been used for "file" and "media" both of wich are seperate from the images folder and placed elsewhere on the webserver.

Lastly, when inserting images in to articles make sure that each image resides all by itself in a row or colum. HTML is slippery business - this is an sure-fire way to make the layout flow right. Here's a visual aid.


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