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Tuesday, 06 May 2008

Here's the interview with the curator -

Here's the call -


Please read the guidelines below and when you’re ready, submit your proposal here.

Please note that there is a $5 fee to apply to participate in Conflux. This nominal fee helps cover some of our administrative costs. Payment does not guarantee participation in Conflux, and the fee is non-refundable.


May 01: Call for Proposals OPENS
May 31: Call for Proposals CLOSES
end of June: Accepted proposals announced
September 11 - 14: Conflux 2008

Participants in Conflux share an interest in psychogeography. Projects range from interpretations of the classical approach developed by the Situationists to emerging artistic, conceptual, and technology-based practices.

At Conflux, participants, along with attendees and the public, put these investigations into action on the city streets. The city becomes a playground, a laboratory and a space for the development of new networks and communities.
Here are examples of events we feature:

    * exploratory drifts/dérives on foot or by bike, subway, bus or other transport
    * walks with experimental mapping or navigation techniques
    * social/environmental/urban research and fieldwork
    * workshops and classes
    * temporary outdoor installations/interventions
    * interactive performance projects
    * street games
    * mobile-tech/locative media projects
    * micro-radio, podcasting, vlogging and other broadcast proposals
    * alternative use/re-use of public space
    * projects proposing alternative/experimental/DIY cultures, economies, communities, and artistic initiatives
    * lectures, multimedia presentations and panel discussions
    * short film/video works
    * live audio/video projects and musical performances for night events

For examples of past Conflux events, visit our archived 2007 site. Please note that we’re not accepting proposals for traditional visual art exhibitions of paintings, photography, sculpture, etc. at this time.

Relevance: How does the event relate to psychogeography?
Does its theme address issues central to classic psychogeography and/or propose new methods? Does the event take a unique approach to exploring, understanding, celebrating or changing the city?

Participant Experience: How do Conflux attendees experience the event? Is the public experience well-thought-through? Does the event encourage dialogue between the diverse communities of New York City?

Feasibility: Is the event’s scope reasonable? Does the event have its own funding? Can the artists travel to Conflux with their own funds?

Only events that take place in the New York City area are eligible. They may be outdoors or in a venue you provide. Conflux headquarters will be located in lower Manhattan, at venues to be announced. The HQ will feature a lounge area for visitors and space for event maps and flyers. There will be wi-fi at the HQ. We’ll focus heavily on events that are in downtown Manhattan, but we anticipate events happening in all five boroughs.

Please keep in mind that you’ll be responsbile for doing the research and securing any necessary venues, permits, assistants, equipment, materials and so on in the production of your event. We’d love to help plan each event, but we have a small staff and our resources are limited. We’ll have several volunteers at Conflux HQ throughout the festival to help everyone. Some things to consider:

    * New York Civil Liberties Union [Know Your Rights]
    * Obtaining a Park Permit
    * NYPD Anti-Graffiti Initiative
    * For project materials/equipment, check out Freecycle and Wastematch.

Conflux cannot provide funding, but we may be able to assist in other ways, such as providing a letter of support, assistance with securing permits, the help of our volunteers, as well as discounts at hostels, local restaurants and other businesses. We’ll post this information as it becomes available.

If you have questions about the submission process, contact u

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