Public Exhibition Space
Written by G.H. Hovagimyan   
Thursday, 22 May 2008

Proposal to Conflux Festival Sept. 11-14th
By Artists Meeting

Title: Public Exhibition Space

We propose to do a series of perfomance/ interventions in a number of privately owned public spaces in lower Manhattan. The spaces are defined by a map created by the NYC dept. of City Planning available at --


We will use the existing map and superimpose own on psychogeographic map locating the places and times when our interventions will occur. Each project will engage specific micro-communities from downtown such as;

office temps, homeless, immigrants, DMV clients, 9/11 tourists, Stone 
Street restaurant patrons etc..
Here's the suggestions for interventions at the public/ private spaces.


1. Tape up benches with barricade tape that says "closed to the public"
2. Go to each space with a group & a video camera and start critiquing the architecture or simply start laughing at the space and encourage passersby to join in the laughter.
3. make additional benches to put downtown for people to sit.
4. do special actions for the office temps such as;

a. office temp yoga
b. capitalism de-programming session
c. office temp lunch time hook-up
d. temp T.A.Z.
e. interview temps and podcast the videos

5. Make  pillow cushions for public benches that have reproductions of the commemorative plaques for each of the public/ private spaces. These would be used to make people (especially homeless) feel more comfortable.
We propose to make the psychogeographical map, documentation of the project, such as video pocasts and still photos available on the Artists Meeting website












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