Psycho-Geo map walkaround
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Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Downtown walkaround jul.15, 08
Raphaele James & gh followed the privately owned public space map

and surveyed 19 locations-
 We came out of the # 3 subway at location 27. (60 Wall street)
that is an enclosed arcade with weird garden lattice work, columns, and fake rock terrain murals. James says that this is a homeless spot after the stores close. There is public WIFI  which means that we could potentially stream live video from this location. It seems that we could request that we close the space for a special event if we are a non-profit.  James says this is agood place to interview homeless guys.
 We then proceeded to follow the map by the numbers. The map was compiled by the author -- The classifications attributed to each space are taken directly from Privately Owned Public Space: The New York City Experience, by Jerold S. Kayden, The New York City Department of City Planning, and the Municipal Art Society of New York, published by John Wiley & Sons, 2000. Raphaele suggested we get the book but it is quite expensive -$75.00 does anyone want to go to the library and read it or take it out to read? That would help the process along.

1. (17 state street) - - has two signs one is about Herman Melville. There is an archaeological exhibit/ museum. This is a good spot for a psycho-geographical sign. GH was inspired and thought that his word piece would fit there because of the Herman Melville connection.  This brings up the notion that Daniel was talking about a different tact which would be to expose/critique the spaces use.  Since there are over 44 privately owned public spaces we can propose different approaches for the spaces.  The kicker is that around the corner is the home/museum of Ann Seton  (mother Seton) who is America's first saint! 

 2. (1 Battery Park Plaza) no sign - This plaza faces Battery Park and Castle Clinton which is a circular fort built in 1807 to defend New York from the British in anticipation of the war of 1812. 
3. ( 1 state street plaza) no sign  

4. (1 New York Plaza)  Big Plaza no sign - check this out --
5. ( 125 Broad Street)  no sign view of harbor & Brooklyn. This space has has a diagonal sloped back wall enclosure that makes it semi-private and cuts out a lot of sound. Could be good for a performance or a video shoot especially with the harbor as a back drop.
 Broad St. During the Panic

6. (4 New York Plaza) no sign  (note many of these spaces are rather sterile banal corporate plazas and arcade set backs.  G.H. says it reminds him of the Godard Film Alphaville. James then countered Plazaville.

7. (85 Broad Street)  Arcade no sign however there was a sign on the front of the building that said if the public wished to follow the Old Stone Street path through the center of the building they could ask at the security desk.  This is a very interesting sort of old New York geography tour. Around the side of the building were glass vitrines in  the ground that revealed the ruins of foundations from the original buildings in New York. This could be a spot for a surreal tour fantasy story about old New York. 
 Also 85 Broad street hooks into Old Stone Street that's being used as a closed off street with tables for all the bars & restaurants that line it.
8. (7 Hanover Plaza) This reminded G.H. of the S curves boardwalk on the beaches of Rio De Janeiro.  The plaza also has an incredible chocolatier that's a psycho-geographical map image right there! 
  9. (55 Water Street) has a sign near the entrance, is an elevated Plaza that has great views of the Brooklyn Bridge, WIFI, Landscape planting and escalators. The escalators are perfect for an escalator performance piece.  James & Raphaele suggest that we hold our next Artists Meeting there. The Plaza at 9pm. There are heavy-duty  security guards, because there is a Federal Building and they are afraid terrorists will come and plant bombs. You aren't allowed to take photos of the buildings. When Raphaele took out her camera the guards freaked.  Did I say they had a light sculpture? 


10.  11 Hanover Sq.


(77 Water Street) Plexiglas sculpture & biplane on roof,  The biplane on the roof sculpture was designed by some guy named Rudolph de Harak and executed by the sculptor William Tarr in 1969 (thanks Jack Ryan).
Apparently it's a full-size model of a WW1 Sopwith Camel, complete with runway. It was put there to amuse inhabitants of surrounding scyscrapers, notably the WTC.

  11.   (77 Water Street)
 12. (32 Old Slip Park) big sign Fountain, Police Museum

13. (111 Wall street) - plaza  -- GH has idea to do a remake of Alphaville and shoot in all these plazas. Integrate interviews in the shoot.   See original --

14. (95 wall street)  - overhang plaza


15.  (75 Wall Street) total dud!

16. (110 Wall Street) Plaza Benches Fountain Trees, Sign that says Manahatta Park
  This is a 9/11 memorial --

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Raphaele's first walkaround photos
Here's Raphaele's photos of our first walkaround. 
first walkaround photos

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