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Thursday, 31 July 2008

2nd Downtown walk around – Tuesday July 29th, 08 For Conflux festival sites – Raphaele, Maria-Joao, Edita, GH, James.

18) 88 Pine St. -- Wall Street Plaza. Minimal Sculpture with mirrored stainless disk. some trees, most distinguishing feature is a slope back wall/ fountain made from granite bricks. Looks like a firing squad wall or a giant pissoire. possible performance of men facing wall with water bottles to fake pissing. Or a mock firing squad. James says it's a great place for a midget wedding. 
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19) 180 Maiden Lane. The Times Square of Uzbekistan. Geodesic design ala Bucky Fuller. Has a stage with a piano and a video display screen. Julliard Students come every Tuesday during lunch to give concerts. Guard didn't want us taking pictures.

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20) 175 Water St. , Edita says that granite is toxic. AIG Plaza with Granite columns. Notice the terrorist attack barricades of granite cylinders.

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Around the corner on a scaffold is a sculpture a "green project" that involves grass growing up the legs of the scaffold being fed by rainwater.

21) 180 Water Street. really just the sidewalk but has a good view of the Square rigger masts.
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22) 200 Water Street -- This is the Old/New (from the 1960's) New York Cocoa Exchange building. I think NYU uses it as dorms now. It has a digital clock that doesn't work and some colorful metal chairs and some pop art style sculpture that resembles giant wooden soldiers. I like this as a location for Alphaville/Plazaville. "Time has stopped. We are at the end of time."
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23) 100 Water Street. This has a small plaza that homeless live in. It has a NY Sports club gym who jogging machine windows face the street. There is a potential for me to go in and run on the machines while someone shoots video from the outside. This can be another scene from Plazaville. "rats on a treadmill."

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Actually the NYSports Club is 160 Water St. We totally missed this plaza! It is however really boring!

Addendum -- 2 Gold Street. Has a corten steel sculpture that spells the word "two" Also has and eating dining, Plaza and does have the private/public sign. James says the one piece stainless steel tables & benches are prison design style.

24) 100 Williams St. Exit for the organic foods Turkish Market. Heart of bland corporate skyscrapers.
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25) 59 Maiden Lane. Dining plaza and indoor Turkish organic market.

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26) 10 Liberty street. Has a triangular park and an outdoor policeman's booth. Also has a water fountain that is crumbling and cracked. Raphaele thinks the water pipes froze and burst in the winter. The giant steel sculpture is vaguely cubist. Raphaele likes it, James says it looks like a giant exploding Lobster.

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27) 60 Wall st. Doesn't rate.

28) 55 Broad St is totally creepy. It has steel ramps that block cars from coming down the street with black SUV's and homeland security police dressed in black unmarked fatigues. George Bush's Fascist Amerika . The photo here is old and doesn't show the ramps and barricade.

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29) 40 Broad. Nothing to see. 30) 52 Broadway -- boring

31) 1 Wall Street. Another ho hum plaza.

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32) 55 Broadway has a weird sort of planter plaza with escalators. James says the first outdoor escalators downtown.  
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33) 45 Broadway. Has an atrium. The most interesting thing on lower Broadway is that on the sidewalk they have the names and dates of all the ticker tape parades. 34) 17 Battery Place - essentially a traffic island. Also an approach to the Battery tunnel. Up the street is the DMV which is where everyone goes to get their ID's.

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35) 90 Washington Street. Nothing to see.

40) 33 Maiden Lane -- On the left of the photo is 33 Maiden on the right is the Federal Reserve. Raphael had no trouble photographing the building. This is the same place I was hassled by a security guard and told I needed to come with them. As you can see it looks like they haven't heard of google maps yet.

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AM_conflux 2nd walk photos
here's Raphaele's phtos for the 2nd walkaround. am_conflux-2
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2nd walk pdf
THe above post has google animations that don't print out. Here's a pdf on the above file. 2nd walk psycho-google map

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