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Wednesday, 13 August 2008
 Meeting Minutes – 8.12.08
In attendance – Leesa & Nicole Abahuni, James Andrews, Noah Apple, Thomas Hutchison,  G.H. Hovagimyan,  William Meyer, Mayuko Nakatsu, Maria Joao Salema, Rapahele Shirley, Lee Wells.

Noah Apple talked about his plan to do a “Pillow Man” man performance for the conflux festival. This would involve using a leather jacket and attaching as many of our brown vinyl pillows as he could. They would be detachable and he would distribute them downtown as he walked around.  

The pillow sewing started. The consensus was that 16” x 16” was the best size. Raphaele asks that anyone who can come and cut out vinyl for pillows and do sewing to contact her. 1-917-805-6320 She wants people to come over on Saturday and Sunday to do sewing. This is very crucial. We need a lot of labor to get this done.  

Here’s photos of the work session
 Thomas said he could burn some silkscreens and screen print on the pillows. We also have a number of white chefs shirts that could function as A.M. uniforms/costumes. The consensus was to do two screens one with the letters AM and the other with the POPS logo. James Andrews set to work subverting the logo and came up with several variations.

The logos are also ideal as mini icons that the group can use on the Psycho-Geo Map.  The group picked up the idea of using the logos for a rating system for the POPS plazas.  This was discussed at a previous meeting. The notion was to make up icons that had arbitrary meanings such as “DEAD TREE PLAZA”  and so on.   
 GH brought a print out of the most recent psycho-geo map.  Lee talked about different ways we could get the printing costs down to something we could all kick in for. We have a deadline to submit all the final images and text for the map/newspaper. This should be the end of this week and the beginning of next week.  The map/paper needs images expressing each persons project and/or images that express a psycho-geo sense of the plazas.  

Each person discussed their projects, what, when and where they would do them.  GH is trying to gather all the info so that he and Lee can make a good design for the final map/ newspaper.  

Leesa & Nicole looked through the AM site conflux walkaround and were fascinated by the the colorful metal conversation seats in front of 200 Water street . They proposed to do a sound art piece that would interact with people who sit in the seats.  

Raphaele has proposed to do a melted cityscape & laser closing party at the 60 Wall Street Plaza. This would be Sunday Sept.14th, 7pm-10 pm.

GH remarked that Artists Meeting already getting feedback and attention on the conflux site.  See links –

 Maria Joao presented her piece for the festival – the piece is titled Pleasant Places. She will copy a series of Dutch fantasy landscapes from the 16th century onto postcards and give them out to people. This was inspired by the idea of lower Manhattan as a Dutch colony and also as the Netherlands being the beginning of the sort of free market trading capitalism that Lower Manhattan stands for now.  GH remarked that 85 Broad St has a number of vitrines embed in the sidewalk that reveals the ruins of the original Dutch Colony of New York.
Joao thought that would be a very good place to hand out the postcards.

GH also brought his barricade tape with the words printed; unknown unmade unseen undone.  He discussed the performance using the tape. This would involve two people unfurling the tape while walking away from each other.  He thought that this would have particular impact if done on Sept. 11th across from the WTC site.

Eliza Fernbach has conveyed to GH her desire to do a sticker piece that related to her “Driving to Your Death” billboard.

Lee Wells proposed to do a sticker piece that is a white smiley face on a black background with the word warning above the head.  

GH said that there are a number of other projects that were proposed for conflux such as doing a walking tour of Psycho-Geo plazas. Leesa & Nicole said they still have the amplifiers from last years DUMBO performance that the group could use. This needs to be organized properly.

GH talked about shooting video in the Plazas during the festival as a part of a work that is a loosely inspired by the Godard film Alphaville. He said the psycho-geography fits with the corporate plaza sterility.  

 Lee had suggested that everyone  give a 50 word CV for the map. The group later decided that it wasn’t necessary because the website has all the CV’s and the url is printed on the front of the psycho-geo map.

The group decided to meet every Tuesday evening until the festival to get the projects organized properly. The next meeting is Tuesday August 20th at Raphaeles place at 7pm.

James Andrews talked about his cubicle person sympathy piece. He said the piece has to be anonymous and under the radar. GH read the text James had prepared for the performance.

Here’s the list of projects – confirmed for the psycho –geo map

Leesa & Nicole – sound piece using metal benches –
Friday Evening Sept.12 & Saturday Sept. 13 Sunday

Noah Apple – Pillow Man -  Walks around and distributes pillows -Sept. 11-14

Maria Joao Salema – Pleasant Places – gives out 16th cent. Dutch print postcards- Friday- Sept.11 to Sept.14 – 55 Broad St.  

Artists Meeting – pillows for benches- Sept. 11th to 14th , various locations

Raphaele Shirley -  Melted City – Sept. 14th, 7pm-10pm 60 Wall St. plaza.

Lee Wells – psycho-geo map design & smiley face sticker

GH – Tape Piece – Sept. 11th -  Millenium hotel & wtc site.  
GH – Plazaville video shoot,  Sat. Sept.13 & Sun.Sept. 14.  Various times & Locations.

James Andrews -  (temp workers angst relief) – Friday Sept.12 and Sat. Sept.13 – 10 state street plaza.

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