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Wednesday, 10 December 2008
Meeting Minute Dec. 9, 2008
In Attendance – James Andrews, Daniel Blochwitz, G.H. Hovagimyan, Thomas Hutchison, Mayuko Nakatsuka, Maria Joao Salema.

Group talked about next YouTube Slam. Tentative date Friday Jan.9 or Saturday Jan. 10th. GH will talk to Magda to confirm date.  Next Slam to be organized by Maria Joao, James and Thomas. James will be liason to Magda and consult on video curating.Thomas will doing physical set up and organize sponsorship (six points beer). Joao will work on playlist and curating.  Maria Joao, James and Thomas are the steering committee for the youTube Slam.  GH says that Joyce will also kick in for the booze.   The group decided to use triptychs for the next interface. James set-up an artists meeting account on id:artistsmeeting,  pswd:same as our youTube account. Joao says the new playlists need names and also tags.  Discussion on how to proceed needs to be fleshed out.   GH suggested that we work on a third slam for the springtime that uses youTube hacks maybe something like plug in a poetry generator to the youTube search engine to create random playlists or some other hack that can be an AM special project. 

Next publication: Steering committee Thomas and Daniel. Thomas says he has a top-notch graphic designer he wants to work with to design the publication.  Target is to have it ready for the armory show and all the Spring art fairs March 4 –8th.  Daniel has suggested sending out a questionnaires or 3 questions that he will formulate to AM friends. Questions will be what they think are viable alternative models for art production. James says he will chat up some alt curators he’s seeing tomorrow evening. The idea is to get some models or text that can be used as content for the publication. GH says that Alan Moore has scored a swing space for a Colab project and invited AM to do a meeting at the space. GH suggests that maybe we should continue the alternative models discussion at the meeting and invite all the responders to engage in a discussion than document the event to add as content to the publication.  James says there is a model people are talking about now called payforward.   He also says there are interesting models to view on websites and   

GH says that plazaville is picking up steam and he will be shooting 10 scenes once a week starting January 2009.  He’s getting a response from a casting call he put out through an actress friend of Raphaele’s. The actors are excited about the project and are willing to work with AM on it.  The final presentation of Plazaville will be at Pace Digital gallery in the month of April and the separate episodes will be available on the turbulence site as they are produced.



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