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Wednesday, 04 March 2009
Meeting Minutes March 3, 2009
In attendance, James Andrews, Olga Lysenko, Maria Joao Salema, Raphaele Shirley (via phone) Edita Zulic, G.H. Hovagimyan

James presented the proposal/structure for the next youTube party that he and Lee had worked on.  James is supposed to forward the full proposal to the list. The idea is to focus on youTube celebrities. The discussion was also about the idea of creating an “opera” the characters would be the youTube celebrities. It was suggested that all members start researching youTube celebrities. GH mentioned twitter whore as a likely candidate as well as any of a number of bounty hunter guys with ferocious dogs. James suggests getting a Live DJ and also have forty dancers jumper out at an appropriate moment in the event and start dancing.   The group discussed tentative dates for the next youTube party which were Mid May and june 20 – 21st.  The discussion of the opera also involved the idea of the structure or the Libretto. GH suggested that Steve Strouse from you3B might be able to do an annotation hack on the youTube code so that you tube videos assembled by members could jump by link from one video to another.   (gh notes: there’s a video in the first youTube party that does just that see-- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ovmge_z4mFA&feature=PlayList&p=F9F7BE6269863505&index=0&playnext=1     ) .

Raphaele talked about the soapbox opera video piece she want to do for the MTAA space, April 17th.  She has 2-3 actors that will act/interpret text.  She’s asking members to submit text for acting.   The initial thought was some sort of theory text.   

GH suggested for a publication that the AM group take up where the Bad Santa collaboration stopped and create a Graphic Novel or comic book that we can print. 
(gh notes – we could have each person do a panel and have them follow the narrative from a cue in the previous person’s panel..)  

Edita and Joao talked about Emile Zola’s novel The Masterpiece and discussion continued on  how to do the As the ArtWorld Turns Project. 

The youTube Party has to take into account the Venice Biennial and the Basel art fair June 1-14th .

GH suggested that we contact the Whitney education dept about doing a youTube party as a performance event.  Anyone want to start that ball rolling?

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