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Tuesday, 19 May 2009
 PosteDesign -- Thomas Hutchison postmasters.jpg

 3D visualization by Lee Wells


Triptych Party ll: A-List Cannibal Cage-match
In collaboration with
Today anyone can be a star. The famous, the infamous and the everyday Vlog webstars are here today and possibly gone tomorrow. Andy's 15 minutes of fame now barely last 30 seconds and the YouTube phenomena creates instant fame to be quickly replaced by the next lunchtime sensation or overnight international viral hit by a 5 year old kid from Nebraska named Fred.

Through a process of performative appropriation and the over-sized projection of three simultaneous video streams on the gallery wall, Artists Meeting spins YouTube videos into triptychs using the unique features of and the process of "digital wandering" or "drifting" through the parallel universe of public online video. While formally simple, the effect of presenting videos normally consumed privately by individuals in this public setting creates an uncanny, unsettling and sometimes hilarious effect on the viewers through the looping sequences, overlapping sounds and beautifully awkward combinations of artworks created by amateur and professional video makers.

You3b is a tool that allows users to make triptychs out of YouTube videos. An Eyebeam project conceived by Jeff Crouse, produced by Jeff Crouse and Andrew Mahon and designed and coded by Andrew Mahon.   

For the installation at Postmasters Lee Wells curated/created two projections of people staring and a third projection of crowd scenes. This escalated the environment and created a sense of the ambient crowd as both the viewers and the viewed. -- G.H. Hovagimyan

Here's the list of YTTP links for a DIY event: List is lovingly compiled by James Andrews of all the Artists Meeting members triptychs. 

am-jj-StrangeFacesiCanMake - end just after the countdown 3,2,1… else it goes long and slapstick

AM-Joao-MoonRiver EARLY – lilting overlapping lyricism beautyblack

AM-jj-AlienSexBeast – robot fucking washing machine – robot falling

AM-jj-cleaner – Hypno-washing machine “let me please you” female computer voice; let play for a while

lee-duchamp – concept wraps the show like fuzzy ribbons

AM-gh-PlasticSurgery with latin rock and roll

eliza_sin2 – cinematic reading words and going nowhere fast, ends quick at the first pause

gh-words – fun jumpy wordplay white screen computer voice command prompts

AM-jj-2 –“we all want love…from our teammates ..  our fans” gophers! Ends with credits in center video

Raph! Volcanic PLUMES 1 – play for a little while

Joao-Rubik'sCube – hands popping out of his nose as a nice surprise yes like – ends w the right vid

thomas-tetris – humans video game pieces – play for a little while

AM-JJ-chriscrocker – talk talk talk flambo blah blah

PL-Violinist – traces of Metalica

GH-sad – miserable but funny – ends with center vid

Raph! TeslaSHOCKS – play as long as you like

praxis-each touch – electroglove dig that funky beat – great beat, play for a while

am-jj-goodtimes – happy dance, feel good boppy, ends with a quick pause, look for it


EARLY   (16 out of 101)

PL-cublic logic – speedy techno bopping PEAK trip in early phase to push the whole forward

am-lw-whatwhat2  - hysterical fast rapping “what what in my butt!” happy sing along, play the full song
AM-la-parcourloop  - stuntman jumping off buildings boppy-go-happy tune, play as long as you like

GH-duckrace – ducks dumped into a river nice cacophonous mix of sounds, play for 1 minute or less

lee-fly – smiling dancing helicopter imploding military wing-nuts, play until the copter self destructs

lee-untitled1 – “I met this hot guy at a rally for Dafur  + hypro disc .Funny stuff. Play through center vid

AM-Joao-Boxing  - smooth classic bells Chaplin satisfying, play as long as you like. Sweet vid.

Am-James-NaturalWays  - sonic plate and laser and swaying tree in the wind, play as long as you like

PL-big bang theory – nasa space tour luxurious – play until the center vid goes to credits

AM-DB-Shoot  - chris burden reenactment – play til end of music, OR the end of the left video

AM-James-SaucersCRASHING – “whaaat is THAT!” tree climber + ufos, play for a minute or so


EARLY - SEQUE TO PEAK  (26 out of 101)

am-na-onoyoko’s breathing, howling horn, distant rising techno beat, play to suit the crowd

am-mayu-magibon – girl with tiny voice acting like a girl with a tiny voice – play for 30 sec or so

lee-kidfight – “I will send this gun to a child soldier who needs it” – play ‘til voiceover is finished.

gh-performance – 3 performance artists – multiple arms waving, play for 1 min or so, the hands are key

am-lw-fuckhollywood3 – hard core music walk of stars cleans the mental pallet, play as needed

lee-abduction – aliens taking cows and violating family farmers – play fro a minute or so

AM-James-KICK – vanilla rain “kittens inspired by kittens” + bruce lee’s best kick, play whole kitten vid

lee-britneycrocker plus Britney plus buck Hollywood great combo, play til right video credits


nicole-robo – break dancing Korean teens and robots – play as long as needed

AM-gh-infamous-2 – Bhangra and bowling and wheelchairs – play at least ‘til wheelchair hits the water

daniel-freedom-artistsmeeting – autobahn Volksjacket stadium – play as long as possible

leesa-cover – base guitar and drums – 3 tracks garage band – play as long as needed


PL-tribute to Snelson – techno graphics and swing music – play for a minute or two

(43 out of 101)

(play each Ken Lee vid as needed, not too long for each, 5 total)

Joao-Ken Lee 1  - ken lee on TV TV TV TV

Joao-Ken Lee 2 – individual version

Joao-Ken Lee 3 – Mexican on stage version

JAMES – PENNIES – flying NINJA pennies from heaven TV logos looping, play full ninja clip


Joao-Ken Lee 4 – girls staring into camera version

Joao-Ken Lee 5 – techno version


leesa-darklightnico and iggy, French green horrorknife – BROKEN? = play as needed


am-jj-actlikeacat – sassy talking cats, play through cat discussion

Joao-Herod3songs – important message to jesus with musicals, play through middle vid or sooner

lee-fred – 3 freds talking shit – play for 45 seconds or so

PEAK    (55 out of 101)

am-lw-freakshowCriyaks’s talking heads lovely soundstrack, play for a minute or so, TASTY

lee-lsd – smooth and creepy, play the right vid 1 or 2 times – very nice


lee-time – picture a day fast play time lapse portrait – play for a min or so, the end is hard to find


PL-Owls – Owls!!!!!!  Play one full owls tune center vid

AM-James-FlippinOUT – bill flips out elevator gunman – play the right clip 2 times

AM-la-onthetable – absurdist eurotrash book is on the table! Play as needed

praxis-cat art – cats make art if you teach them to do it, Play as needed

AM-gh-slobonmyknob – play til the beat ends

AM-James Strawberries  - 2 tornadoes and Halitosis pop, play right vid 2 x

lee-highasfuck – simple pot PSA, Play as needed

AM-James-TechnoViking  - play middle video once through, huge magnetic freak dancing fuckparade

praxis-enormous – “hey there delighla  nice song pla through song


(67 out of 101)



BEGINS ESPECIALLY DISCORDANT SECTION, each trip formally different from the next / jarring and disturbing materials ---NO MUSIC VIDEOS

lee-burroughs – reading his own work, Play as needed

AM-James-FriendlyMan – self destructing Wind turbines – silent, pla for 1 min

Raphaele-headbang – disturbing child head on wall ouch, Play as needed

Raph! WaterSPouts – play for a little while

AM-James-AADEMONS – wolverines /dog fighting/ woman attacked byDemon, play demon vid through

AM-James-NaturalWays2 – w buzzing soun\d – for cleaning the mental pallet, quick

Raph! icebergs – play for as long as you like

AM-James-TheGodMan – quiet& evil NEEDS TO PLAY FOR A WHILE, cumulative creepy effect, 9 min

lee-obamaobama says fuck fuck fuck fuckducfukfu, 30 secs

praxis-what – cimematic trains wooshing by, play narrative clip 1 x


The TRAIN above in “What” ends the discordant sequence

(76 out of 101)


leesa-mina   - BROKEN


am-lw-ballon – POV from balloons soaring to the sky, play 1x

Joao-Jesus – jesus meets Hollywood kickboxing match, Play as needed

lee-dafthands – catchy tune plus booty and hands, Play as long as you like

am-lw-lovechocolate – French girl mushing chocolate on herFACE, play girl loop 1x

am-jj-starwarskid2 – darth at the piano with times square and SABERBOY , play 1x

am-na-bonnie and clyde – French violence machine guns poetic, Play as needed

AM-James-technoVikingREMIX, play left vid all the way through

Wingsuits – flyers down a mountain and a nest on a building, play 2 flights down the hill

am-jj-ManEatingCatAttack – base jumping dog, cat flying plane, etc. play for 1 round

Am-jj-BigBubbleTrouble – tshirt big man popping bubbles and WAGNER’S RING, play 1x left vid

AM-James-Eyes – eyeballs and DJ Spooky video, Play as needed

AM-Joao_LouiseBrooks – old footage and HOT music, French again, always frecnch, Play as needed

am-lw-messedup – stoned or drunk people crossing things dude in the middle, play as needed

am-mayu-karate – KUNG FOO FIGHTING, silly song with baby, 30 – 45 seconds


(91 out of 101)

AM-BF-Thriller – prison choreography BROKEN – play as needed

leesa-smoking – quick loops snakes, play 30 to 60 seconds

AM-JJ-HARVEST - Candy mountain – organ harvesting, play candy mountain 1x

AM_Edita_LaLinea – chaotic animation, 30 – 45 sec

AM-OL-My Ding Ding Dong  - eurotrash, 30 – 45 sec


FINAL triptychs

am-lw-edie – yum. Silky, Play as needed

am-jj-million – top youtube all stars, 45 sec

AM-Joao-Sugarcane – Marylyn Monroe, Play as needed








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