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Thursday, 28 May 2009
Meeting Minutes – May 27th, 2009

In attendance – Leesa Abahuni, Daniel Blochwitz, Michael Clemow, G.H. Hovagimyan, Olga Lysenko, Joao Salema

The group has two deadlines. June 8th for all materials for the Berlin Metro proposal and August for Art Cologne proposal.  The group has a new member Michael Clemow a recent graduate from the ITP at NYU.  He’s interested in helping AM  to design the interfaces and hacks for the Art Vending Machines.

GH passed out copies of the NGBK -- Berlin Metro call for project proposals and also had scrap paper on hand for drawing and doodling.  You can get the call and application form here -- http://ngbk.de/site/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=39&Itemid=40

Proposals for metro discussion; Leesa suggested a bench with a sound art work triggered by people sitting on it. GH said maybe this should be like a movie vignette where a light flickers overhead, a video goes on when the person sits, maybe a vending machine dispenses something etc. Michael suggested a performance in front of the security cameras. GH thought it might be interesting to have video monitors with images of East German (communist) guards walking the platform.  The initial call for proposals talks about several abandoned and/or unused stations. Daniel suggested that we propose to do a recreation of a New York City Subway station. The group liked that idea and decided to go with that.  Some stations proposed were, Times Square, Utica Ave, Jamaica, Canal St, Coney Island, Wall St, East Broadway. No decision on which is best. Group decided we all should collect as much material as we can and bring it to a special meeting next Wednesday.  

It was decided to collect as much materials for the proposal and then meet and see what we have. From there we will put together a proposal and decide the best Station Name to use.  Olga  says she can set up an indesign template that we can all download and scan, plug-in our images and proposal ideas.  The parameters are to use an unused station on the Berlin Metro an fit it out to look like a New York subway station. Trains passing through would see this. There is also the idea of having a performance in the transformed station. Maybe a tableau vivant or any other type of performance. Other inspiriations or themes might be Germans in New York.  Leesa suggested to take photos of some of our favorite or noticed details in New York Subway stations. These can be used in the proposal and may be anything as for example a water stain seeping down a steel column or a bit of old fashioned tile work.  Everyone should do research by snapping some pix of stations.  Also we need people to go to the New York Transit Museum and do some research take photos etc..  or we can all go as a field trip together. There is a website that also has a bunch of images we can grab for the proposal -- http://www.nycsubway.org/cars/nytm.html
There is potential for getting NYC transit involved if our proposal is accepted from Berlin.  There is an agency called MTA arts in transit that could help us if we get further along. This means that if we propose replica subways signs or want to ship a portion of a NYC subway car, we might be able to enlist their help.  

Daniel says there are video displays in the Berlin trains.  GH proposed to do a video montage of old film sequences that have the interior of Subway cars. There is also a proposal to do projections that are timed to coincide with the trains entering the station so it looks like a motion trigger.  Daniel also suggested that in our Faux New York station we can have all the billboards display images/prints/artworks that can be changed periodically.  

The parameters of the piece;
The selected projects should be realized between Autumn 2009 and December 2010.
A total budget of 60.000 Euro for artist’s fees, production, travel and
accommodation costs will be available (subject to grants from the Berlin Senate’s Department for Culture).
NOTE: I don’t think this means 60,000 for each project, I think it means they have 60,000 to divide among 8 projects. I think this means, 7.500 euros is our target budget  Which is around $10,000.

When designing your proposal try to figure a rough cost for what you intend to do.
It is important to have all your materials ready to bring to the next meeting on Wednesday June 3rd at 11 Harrison Street.

Artists Meeting Art Machine [AMAM]
The other main topic of discussion was the art vending machine project. GH has suggested that each member suggest a vending machine and be responsible for overseeing the design and fabrication of their part. The suggestions so far are, an automatic paper towel dispenser that can have a continouos drawing scroll created by the group that can be torn off in pieces. Each drawing piece will be dispensed by a coin-operated interface. Michael will research how to hack an existing dispenser and main a coin interface. Project can be proposed to Postmasters Gallery for their foyer and later be integrated into a larger project of Art Cologne. GH also is exploring other possible venues for presenting project such as Northern Lights in Minneapolis.   Olga has proposed an AM underwear dispenser titled Artists Meeting Panty Raid.  Discussion is to have Artists Meeting Contact info silk-screened on both panties and boxer shorts. GH envisions a wall with several dispensers of AM art objects such as barricade tape, drawings, CD’s or DVD’s
Olga suggested an interactive display that created art as people put money into the machine to cause it to make a design on a screen. Joao has the idea of dispensing her Pleasant places post cards. 


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