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Wednesday, 24 June 2009
Meeting minutes 06.23.09
In attendance Michael Clemow, Olga Lysenko, Mayuko Nakatsuka, G.H. Hovagimyan

Michael demonstrated a working prototype for the Art ists Meeting-Art Machine [AM-AM]  drawing dispenser module. This consisted of a DIY hacked together automatic paper towel dispenser and an automatic coin counter.  Nice work Michael!  Michael wired up a couple of micro controllers to the coin counter and the towel dispenser. This module now needs drawings to dispense. There are several ways to create drawings on continuous rolls of paper.  The rolls of paper are 8 inches wide by 425 feet long.  Each time the dispenser is triggered it puts out a one foot piece of paper that can be torn off. If a person puts in another quarter and doesn’t tear off the paper the drawing is 2 feet x 8 inches.
We have 8 rolls of paper towels.  One possibility is to feed the roll through a regular printer and print images on it. I will experiment with this on my printer.
We could give AM members the chance to create their own drawing/roll/prints individually. We could also collect jpegs from everyone and print a collective roll of paper. The other thing to consider is the notion of rolling/unrolling as the basis for any drawing. This might involve the creation of a frieze motif.  GH suggested that we have a drawing/painting session for the next meeting. Perhaps we can do this at Raphaele’s studio when she returns or maybe we can use a space at SVA or Parsons. GH suggested that we use paint rollers that we cut up to create a rolling repetitive motif.  We could all buy or bring ink, paint, rollers etc.. for a painting party!
Michael says that if we use one coin drop interface we can plug in 12 separate art modules. One suggestion was to have a wall of drawing dispensers. Michael tought it would be amusing to do a curated show of artists giving each artist a drawing dispenser. The group talked about other types of AM art that could be dispensed. The proposal was to create a module that could be installed in Art Fair booths.  We would have a false wall built in a booth behind which we could install various coin operated art dispensers. This is the proposal that GH will develop for LMCC/Art Cologne/kickstarter.  Olga and Michael then began to design further modules. They quickly came up with the idea that a  flat piece would be the easiest to dispense various art worls. This would be a DVD case approx. 5inx8in  and perhaps a cardboard sandwich with shrink wrap or taped together pieces that would hold, underwear or maybe a pack of Joao’s pleasant places post cards etc..  So far we have suggestions for using/dispensing what we have already produced such as SBOW videos in a DVD or the AM triptych posters or AM  chefs shirts or dispensing lengths of Barricade tape.  GH says that a preliminary search shows that the standard Art Fair booth is around 12 ft by 9ft tall. The group thought that six dispensers could be fitted into this wall controlled by one coin operated interface. Michael say we can have a button panel that would select each one of the modules or we could also have a random choice. 
Michael and Olga will research standardized packages and also begin to design/fabricate another trough dispenser for the other artworks in the card board packages.
GH said he will approach Postmasters to ask if we could install an Art Machine in the foyer of the Gallery. 

The next meeting is scheduled for July 14th. Perhaps we can have a painting session before then when Raphaele returns.

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