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Wednesday, 05 August 2009
Meeting minutes 8.4.09
In Attendance – James Andrews, Michael Clemow, G.H. Hovagimyan, Thomas Hutchison, Olga Lysenko, Mayuko Nakatsuka, Maria Joao Salema, Raphaele Shirley, Lee Wells

Meeting was held on Raphaele’s roof with a bar-b-cue and two French art historians in attendance.  G.H. brought AM undies propotypes made by Olga & GH . French historians took two of Olga’s and one of GH’s as a gift and will take them back to Paris. They said they will tell their friends how to meet artists in New York. 
Thomas proposed a concert/event fundraiser at Flux Factory in October (NOTE: this should be done before October 17th which is the finish of the Kickstarter page) Thomas said he will organize the bands and the event. Discussion is to have artworks for sale and use kickstarter as the payment vehicle.  GH says everyone should pledge to kickstarter. It generates interest and will convince more people to pledge. Joyce is pledging $50 a week for the next ten weeks. This will bump the AM page up to the top of the recently backed list every week. If all AM members pledge it will also up the supporters count and make the AM page be listed under most popular.  Also everyone should try and get friends to pledge. Lee Wells put the AM link on the front of [PAM] and Heinrich put it on the front page of Vernissage TV

Olga says she wants to do portraits of AM members on banana hammocks. GH says use the staring contest for the portraits.  Perhaps make a soft fade oval around the face and have Artists Meeting on the bottom and the members name on the top.  Lee says we should do plain letter AM and also have photos of real underwear with real behinds. GH says we should have all the members model the underwear. Lee says he doesn’t have a Brazilian wax job.  (note: we should try and do this for our work session weekend Aug.22nd)  Thomas says he has a silkscreen and can re-burn it to make AM stencils for more underwear.

AM-AM  project proposal has been sent to Art  Cologne GH says he got an automated email response that the head Adlehaid Tauber is on family leave and will return end of August. He will re-send at that time but he CC’d Heinrich Schmidt who says the proposal looks good. The proposal is to do the Art Machine installation and also have a YouTube party at Art Cologn, the Kickstarter site and video are also part of the project.  Other possible venues are Pulse Art Fair in Miami, Scope in Miami and Next Art Fair in Chicago.  Lee says he will help with recommendations for Scope, and send an email to his friend who is the director of Art Cologne.  Lee says he has done 17 art fairs in two years and will help and advise wherever he can. 

Discussion also turned to building the prototype wall. This will be done at GH’s country studio.  He will host a group weekend Aug. 22nd . Everyone can come up. Lee says perhaps the group can rent a 9 person van for the weekend.  Discussion continues with parameters of art machine. Michael says the drawing dispenser is easy. He says he can make a spiral wire product dispenser.

Question is what is the actual installation like? Is it two drawing dispensers and a trough for drop down products in shrink wrapped packaging or is it one drawing dispenser and one object dispenser?  GH suggested a digital frame to display a slide show attached to AM –AM wall. This can be of objects AM is vending or portraits. Thomas says he has a mini-dvd player where the sound doesn’t work he can donate to display videos. GH says he has some old laptops that can function as display mechanisms as well.  GH says the machine should use tokens and has found a site that will make custom tokens. Group approves of tokens. Thomas says he wants his nose on token!
(gh note: please look over token site -- standard token is $185 for 1000. I like no cash value and the American Eagle with freedom custom designs are more expensive and minumum is 5000) 

  GH says token slot should probably be made of Plexiglas. Mike says T&T plastics on church street will fabricate coin drop to our specs. GH says T&T is worth a field trip visit to look at materials such as Kodak lenticular contact paper. Olga says she’s been  wanting to make cabinets from that material.

Discussion continue with making drawings for drawing machine GH says he found a supplier for 8 inch wide paper rolls on the internet. Drawing session is discussed.  Lee says roll it out long and we all draw on it. GH says James can go crazy with his drawings, Olga says we can cut patterns in paint rollers and roll them across the paper. 

Raphaele discusses building schedule for wall and module for AM-AM.   She thinks that we may need to rent a truck and drive the whole project down to Miami. Lee & GH say build the modules separately and attached to wall we build on site.  Discussion also continues about Art Cologne in April and taking modules on airplane. GH says we can build custom cases for them and ship them along with the objects for the AM-AM .  

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