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Monday, 10 December 2007

Artists Meeting (A.M.) is a research project and experiment in the development of a local art community.

New York City, the capitol of the "art world,” is primarily driven by its capitalist systems and its elitist academic historical baggage that continually keeps most artists separated.

Entering from a million directions, the individual market abused artist is, for the most part, alone and conditioned to overly protect their ideas for fear someone else with more connections or more money will come along and take them as their own. Collectives appear and disappear as artists form temporary autonomous zones for various reasons, usually rooted in the possibility of financial opportunity and/or critical exposure. A.M. seeks to question these structures while simultaneously engaging in a creative dialogue and a supportive environment to discuss topics pertinent to each others work.  
– Lee Wells

Part of the creative process is a search for meaning.

In the context of an art group sometimes the work is simply defining what we are doing and why we are doing it. There are spheres of meaning that start from the entirely personal to the global media mythos created by electronic networks. It is clear that small social networks that depend on personal contact are nodes that hook into the larger information sphere. Interpersonal meaning, creative energy and realization that issue from a group are shared within the group members and extended into the media sphere. When focusing on a task, group members combine and share their skills. They also carry on where others leave off.  
– G.H. Hovagimyan

Art Worlds, much like Artists Meeting, represent amalgams of disparate views, perspectives and feelings about art.

This panoply of fact, opinion, words and emotions involve not only objects of art, but also how we interact, create, and learn about ourselves as patterns in the process. From raw clay, clean slates, and blank media, our views, thoughts, and even market forces shape what we make as much as what we make shapes us.
– Lara Start Martini & James Andrews (Nsumi)

Artists Meeting is the attempt to break through forms of current art production that are highly individual, precarious and uncritical, and reconnect to collective practices from former periods.

In the process, we would like to challenge cushioned academic and institutional taste-makers, as well as hedonistic spenders who dictate form and content to an irrational market. Our objective is to create, once again, an opportunity for community, critical exchange and mutual support. The collaborative process is as important as the final work. We want to destroy the myth that collective work is a compromise of ideas rather than the effective combination of multiple minds and experiences. We re-instate social, democratic and political processes — in small — within a society that slowly drifts apart through omnipresent market forces. If we succeed, even if only in part and temporarily, we demonstrate that another world is possible. We would overcome the obstacles in one of the most capitalist segments of our society, the “art world”.
– Daniel Blochwitz

Artists Meeting is an intersection of people who profess and practice art, and are skilled in one or more of the fine arts.

Brought together by chance, circumstance, and a common purpose, Artists Meeting members gather in person and via technology. Free of commercial influence, participants draw on each other’s expertise to refine concepts, further experimentation and engage each other in collaboration.  
– Eliza Fernbach

The creation of art in an open context where the public or an artist’s collective is part of or intervenes in the creative process offers countless possibilities in evolution and outcomes.

Yet within this infinite certain constants and patterns of social and interactive dynamics surface which are identifiable and quantifiable.

In the case of Artists Meeting (AM) each artist brings to the table their own perspective, limits and ability to collaborate as each artist chooses freely to forgo or not their own individual voice for that of the group's. With this open policy, AM studies not only collaboration but its limits. The resulting AM works are multiple: objects and concepts, proposals and analyses of the process; for which each member's perspective and desire is left open to influence the overall direction of the group's production resulting in a spectrum of voices ranging from the individual to the collective.
– Raphaele Shirley


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More statements
Part of the dicussion is to continue defining the mission statement for our group. Lee Wells and Raphaele Shirley and G.H. have written statements as well. I\'ll try and put those up. The Listserv menu item contains up to the minute archives of email discussions andlistserv menu

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