meeting minutes 9.15.09
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Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Meeting Minutes 09.15.09

In attendance – Bethany Fancher, Olga Lysenko, John Handel, Lee Wells, G.H. Hovagimyan


Discussion was around the benefit event for the Flux factory. Group is waiting for exact date to begin preparations. The group seemed to think that doing an art auction was very difficult and that having a dual event auction/band concert was problematic. Also the time constraint of using kickstarter for payment put a final date of Friday October 16th as the proposed date. There’s not enough time to organize the event and publicize it in that short amount of time.  GH says that we should disregard the Oct.16th time constraint and assume that the kickstarter fundraising isn’t working.  (note: most people thought the kickstarter site was an amusing send up artwork and didn’t pledge any money, we shold simply play it as that – gh )  Lee says that there’s some hostility and jealousness that AM  is going to Pulse, as a consequence he believes that most people won’t come to a benefit to help us get to Miami if it’s advertised that way.  He suggested we simply do a party/concert with a bar and not mention Pulse. The group thought that separating out the art auction and doing at another time was a better choice. Lee said that he’d been to failed auctions. It was better not to have that happen to us. In anycase the amount of work to gather and catalog all the art works, put up a web site and arrange for payments and produce all the promotional materials seemed to be too much work. 

John Handel said that a good site to list events was on Lee and everyone said they could do separate email promotions of the AM event once we have a definite date set.  GH said that it might be better to have Bethany do a stripped down auction style performance with five pieces of art.  This would be part of a performance/concert/party AM could host to bring in cash.  There was some discussion of the AM group donating art works and Olga talked about a high-end lamp she could donate.  GH said there are other possibilities for an auction to be at a later date at maybe Postmasters or Emily Harvey foundation.


For the Flux factory it was decided to do an eving of performances and bands with a bar. Entrance price would be $10 with one free drink. Drinks would be $5 after that.   The suggested performances thus far are; Leesa & Nicole doing their recent performance, Olga says she can get tap dancers and Burlesque dancers, Bethany can do an art auction with five items and stringers in the audience, GH says he will do a new series of Rants. Anyone else have any ideas for performances? Mayu has a couple of bands lined up. The group also talked about doing gh’s rich sucker rap  each person doing it. It was proposed to do it on video during the last workshop.  Olga says she can translate it into Ukrainian!

Other possible venues for a benefit aside from Flux factory – John Handel suggested Envoy gallery on Chrystie street.  Also John Handel who is our newest member has said he will seek booze sponsorship for the event once we get a date and fixed location. 


Next weekend workshop at gh’s place is Sept. 25th. Olga says she can get her parents car and take four people up. This involves the four people taking a train to the GW bridge and then taking a $1 bus across the bridge to NJ to meet her. (note: I’ve done this it’s very easy-gh) gh says he will have room for three people in his car but as you know he leaves Friday around noon and returns Monday afternoon. Lee says that Chris Borkowski is getting interested in the project and may also drive up in his red sports car!


The group turned to a design discussion for the face of the the AM-AM  wall. There are some blank areas that need to be articulated in some manner with text or signage. Lee said simply have Artists Meeting and the names of all the artists.  GH suggested to do the letters perhaps with Kodak lenticular paper and drill out for xmas lights or small roud bulbs like in a marquee.  GH also says there is a melamine plywood we can use instead of masonite that come prefinished in white so we don’t have to paint the façade or treat it in any way.  He will stop at home depot and research the product. 

Th group thought that listing all the artists name on one panel but doing it in several languages would be good. They thought that Mayu might translate into Japanese and Olga could do Russian and Ukrainian.  There was also the suggestion of Chinese but we need to have someone do that.  Lee said we can try the auto translation sites on the web.  Lee said that the space behind the needs to have a curtain or something that would stopped people from seeing the gallery wall behind it. GH saId he’s got  a curtain rod in the barn that will do the trick.  GH also said he has four fluorescent lights to attach to the back wall lighting up the modules. He had followed Joao’s suggestion and cut a window with a plexi insert to show the drawings as the come out of the machine.


The discussion than turned to the vinyl envelopes. Each envelope is 6 x 9 inches and AM artists should be producing artworks to put in these packages. The group scheduled another meeting for Oct. 9th and is asking that artworks be ready at that time.  GH had a booklet prototype  of 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches that he made by folding and stapling together tow tabloid size piece of paper. He said he can print out the larger sheets on his big printer.  Lee took the folded paper template. We are asking that members start giving him content to assemble into small booklets to be put in the object dispensers.  (note: We may have to be prepared to have 250-500 vinyl packages made for the dispenser. Lee has said that he also wants to do a more expensive back room deal for adventurous collectors. We could wind up making $5000 or more on this project if we get enough volume of sales!)  Lee says that the digital frame should only have images of the products we are selling and also some text statements. John Handel suggested we do a pamphlet of meeting minutes (gh says he’ll try and do this.)  Lee said that each vinyl envelope should have an insert that says: artists meeting art machine, the date, and perhaps Pulse Art Fair Miami. Anyone want to design the type? 


Finally the group came up with a viral project for facebook based on the adopt an orphan campaign. It would be a sponsor an artist facebook site.  Anyone interested in producing this and laying out the parameters? It could be very hot!


The next meeting was scheduled for Tues. Oct 9th.      


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