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Thursday, 15 October 2009

Meeting Minutes_10.13.09


In attendance: James Andrews, Bethany Fancher, G.H. Hovagimyan, Thomas Hutchison, Olga Lysenko, Mayuko Nakatsuka, Joao Salema, Lee Wells


Thomas brought his drawing for the Auction poster he’s got it sketched out and is working on filling in the colors.  G.H. has put up the auction site at He’s also put in paypal buttons. The buttons are set to the starting bid so that pre-auction people can purchase the works at that price. The buttons go to GH’s paypal account.  He tried to set up an Artists Meeting account but paypal wants a bank account and a credit card on file for any account.  Maybe that’s for when the group starts getting major funding!!!


Auction is set for Nov. 1st at Flux Factory. GH has sent out corrected press releases, put the PR on the front page of the AM site and also in the press release section on the AM site. He’s also set up a press release web page that can be email via browser or linked to by other sites. The page is 


Discussion continued about the Nov. 1st auction. Mayuko has two bands for the event Super Seaweed Sex Scandal and Live Footage.  Discussion was about the charges for the event. $10 at the door, no free drinks.  $2 for beer $4 for liquor. GH says we have $150 from the last YTTP to spend on booze. One question was how to chill the beer.  We will get 15 cases of Pabst.  GH says we get one or two plastic garbage cans and fill them with ice.  There are three areas to make money on this event, the admission, the bar and the auction.   Here’s the percentage breakdown; (admission – Bands 40%, Flux Factory 10%, AM – 50%), (Bar – Flux Factory 10%, AM- 90%) , (auction – artists 30%, Flux Factory 10%, paypal 2.9% plus 30cents per transaction,  AM –57% more or less) 

Thomas wants to keep the door and the bar as a suggested donations. The rationale is that we can’t really charge without a license. Thomas also says that he will find basswood to fashion bidding paddles for the auction.  GH presented the AM paphlet in two sizes. The group liked the smaller size. He will print them out and we will have them at the Auction/Benefit/Concert.  So for the admission you get a paddle and a pamphlet! 

Bartending will be by AM members. Everyone thought that Daniel was a really good bartender at the last YTTP.  The discussion is that for the auction people will need to sign in with a number. The thought is to number the paddles and take the persons name address and info at the door.   There was a  suggestion to do a silent auction before  Bethany starts the auction. Also the DJ’s should be playing as people come into the space to view the exhibition. GH says that he thinks if this event is successful we should do another auction but treat it like an integrated art installation/intervention. He also says that Bruno the sysadmin for nujus may be able to set up our own AM auction site.  The accounting for this event will be critical.  The thought is to have Edita handle the registering of auction bidders and have her record the final prices paid for each piece. GH says we can use his paypal account if we have WIFI access at the Flux factory. We can also accept checks and cash.

Promotion of this event is critical. We need everyone to get people who might buy art to come to this auction.  The suggestion is to have each member contact a potential collector for their work. Bethany says she has some people she will contact. 

James said that theres a yearly auction where people pay $200 admission and get to choose an artwork after their name is picked out of a hat. These are high profile artists. More discussion on future AM auctions is in order. 


Installation of the works and set up will begin on noon at the Flux Factory. Thomas says each artists should bring their work and be responsible for installing it. GH has a plinth shelf and a larger plinth base that he showed the group to use  to make the installation less about hanging a few pieces on the wall; The more interesting the installation the more the interest in the work. Several pieces have variations on installation, Olga’s Light sconces, the AM drawing roll, GH’s large piece, the four AM dress shirts,  and Christina’s suite of six prints.   Thomas says the bands should set up in the loading dock area and the bar can be set up in a niche in the wall. People will enter though the office area.  James has suggested that we all bring plastic bags and wrapping materials so that when people take the work with them they have something to carry it in to protect from the weather.  Several of the pieces are unframed prints.

The suggestion was to put them in a plastic sleeve and use binder clips to hang on the wall with push pins.   


Thomas says that he will be responsible for the lighting and the P.A. at the Flux Factory. He did the wiring for the whole place and knows the electrical system to power the bands and anything else. 


YTTP- DokFest, Kassel Germany – Jaime Jackson and Eliza Fernbach will do a YTTP on Nov. 12th.  It’s suggested that everyone create new Tritychs to give them a choice. It’s also good if each member looks at what they’ve created and start an online discussion about what works to help Jaime & Eliza have a good event.


Next workshop for Galilee is scheduled for Oct. 23. Olga says she will have the Olgamobile to drive up on Sat. the 24th.  Thomas & Kate & dog are coming up with Olga.  Maybe Jon Handel will come with Olga as well. Lee & Joao are coming up with GH.


For PULSE Miami GH is looking to rent a house or apartment that sleeps 6. The rental fees are $1350-1500 a week. He will try and get nine days instead of seven.   Lee says that The flight to Ft. Lauderdale is around $250 round trip and there is a shuttle to Miami.  He will fly down with Joao.  Thomas says he will fly from Charlotte, NC. GH and Joyce will be driving with the Art Machine modules and the artwork. They plan to leave Nov. 24th or 25th and drive to DC for Thanksgiving, continue to visit relative in Savannah and wind up in Miami on Nov. 29th.  Installation and building the art machine wall will begin on Monday Nov. 30th We have Mon.Tues. Wed. for Installation. Lee thinks the opening will be Wednesday evening.  

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