Latest Project - YTTP @ DokFest - AM Auction @ Flux Factory
Written by G.H. Hovagimyan   
Wednesday, 18 November 2009



Artists Meeting members Eliza Fernbach (US),  Jaime Jackson and Sally Payen (UK)  traveled to Kassel Germany (11.11.09) to present the YTTP project at DokFest. This inspired Lee Wells to come up with our new motto," Artists Meeting - Spreadin' the Love Since 2006"




Artists Meet held an Auction Party Nov. 1st at the Flux Factory. Bethany Fancher did a terrific job with a portable amp & mic for her auction performance. About half of the artworks exhibited were sold.  There is a special auction site where addtional AM objects can be purchased via CC or PayPal -- 

Two bands entertained the crowd.  Super Seaweed Sex Scandal and Live Footage. Both very exciting and worth seeing. 



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