Meeting Minutes 01.19.10
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Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Meeting Minutes 1.19.10


In attendance Nicole Abahuni, Jon Handel, G.H. Hovagimyan.   Discussion was about Apex Art proposal and proposal for Pulse NY.   We focused on Pulse NY.

GH says we should think about how much space we need. He assumes that we will get some left over space or dead space like they gave us in Pulse Miami. That is if they accept our proposal.


Jon came up with several ideas. One was to set up a phone number or series of number or skype phone numbers that people could call.  We could have the phone number on the wall.  Another was to sell services. GH says we should have artists giving Tsiastu massages to stressed out art collectors and dealers.


Nicole suggested to bake cupcakes and have a piece of art printed on the paper surrounding the cupcake.

Jon said have surprise grab bags of art in brown paper lunch bags.

Jon Suggested to have an actor do a live lecture on some serious subject.

GH suggested a traveling video report of the art fair in the manner of a sports announcer.

Jon said we can send text or images via bluetooth to cellphones. GH says we had that idea way back for the DUMBO arts festival and there is a hack for that.


The group than talked about using project proposals from Pulse Miami, and updating and enlarging the idea for Pulse NY. The thought was to have a wall display that has a grid or a line of digital picture frames. Each artist in the group would buy the same frame and put digital slideshow on the frame. Each frame would be numbers and a corresponding list would be put on the wall. This would have the artists name and a project decription.  The individual frames/projects can be sold or they can simply be project proposals.


The costs of the frame is around $60-100 depending on the size.  The final list can be printed out at Kinkos as a giant Xerox. This proposal can also be used for apex art unless there are other suggestions for proposals.  Jon Handel said he would take some of the responsibility for organizing the booth at Pulse NY if our project is accepted.





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