meeting minutes-7.6.2010
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Thursday, 08 July 2010

Minutes 7.6.2010

In attendance Sara Sun, Zhang Ga, Olga Lysenko, G.H. Hovagimyan.

Sara Sun is a new member she’s a new media/video artist. She’s been involved with [PAM].  Zhang Ga is a new Media curator.  Here’s his bio/web signature –


Artistic Director / Curator

TransLife: Media Art China 2011 - International Media Art Exhibition

National Art Museum of China

Professor / Director

TASML | Tsinghua University Art & Science Center MediaLAB


Associate Professor

School of Art, Media and Technology

Parsons the New School for Design


Senior Researcher

Meda x Design Lab 

EPFL | Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne 


Visiting Scientist

MIT Media Lab

Zhang is interested in coming to meetings.  He is interested in the group dynamic. 

Sara will introduce herself through the list soon. 


The meeting commenced with Olga presenting a project that her and Jaime developed. The project involves creating a curator persona with the name Matt Signierties (an anagram for Artists Meeting!)  I will ask Olga to repost the entire proposal for the group to look over and discuss.   Various terms were batted around such as Synthetic person, Virtual Person, Pseudo Curator for this ersatz person.   Zhang who is a curator added his point of view. He said that the idea of constructing a curator had been done several times in the art world. He questioned what the motives were for creating such a project. Olg said it was a critique of the curatorial process.  Z said it’s not clear from the proposal what exactly is being critiqued.  He felt that the proposal was an attempt to borrow the authority of the curator to legitimize Artists Meeting.   He said that we need to set out some parameters such as; what are the problems of curating, what is AM’s problem with curators, How arbitrary is curating etc.?   Z then talked about his experience of curating from very small intimate shows to 3 million dollar Biennials.   He said you start with a curatorial goal and then go through a series of choices and compromises based on budget, what pieces are more accessible to the general public, and a host of political considerations such as the host countries artists and various quotas for race gender etc.

GH piped in that the art world seems to have a series of thematic memes that all the curators use. He commented that a while ago every showed had the theme of, “the body.”  After that the theme shifted to, “mapping” and then a lot of variations on interactivity and “locative media.”   He mentioned that often there is a theoretical basis for the curatorial theme that refers to someone such as Jacques Ranciere.  Z said that artists also function as theoreticians in some measure.  He said that there is the question of curatorial mechanism that might be worth investigating. All in all, the consensus was that the project needs to be researched more and defined more clearly.   Zhang the left and Sara, Olga & gh continued the discussion.   Sara mentioned that the Matt Signierties represented an authority figure or a gatekeeper.   GH remarked that Lee Wells was missed at the meting and he would have another unique perspective. Lee had siadthat he approached curating as a sort of Duchampian exercise. Sara asked what that meant. Gh said that Duchamp was the curator for Walter Arensberg. At that time everyone was trying to define what modern art and modernism was. GH said that artists usually did that with their work but that Duchamp also engaged in defining modernism through curating as a conceptual exercise. 

GH came up with an idea for a Virtual Curator, a sort of chat bot.  He said that there are sites on the web where you can construct your own chat bots. Olga said maybe call the project, Matt Signierties, Curator 2.0.  The group thought we could program a chat bot with curatorial jargon. We could have artists submit there work either online or at a Kiosk depending on the venue.  GH had mentioned that there is a programming language called AIML (artificial intelligence markup language) that can be used if we want to be hard core there are also a series of free software programs that need to be researched on  the web to make this all viable. 





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