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Friday, 06 May 2011


Artists Meeting Performance Night


1. G.H. Hovagimyan - Boxing Rants


I propose an interactive performance work using the Xbox Kinect camera. The performance consists of two parts. First I will create a Pure Data programming patch that is controlled by the Kinect camera. This patch will have a database of files consisting of video and sound clips shot as rant/rap performances. I intend to use various boxing (fight) exercises such as punching the speed bag, skipping rope, and punching the heavy bag during the shooting of the videos. The reference is to the Hollywood cliché of fight movies. The rants are part of an ongoing series of word/language performance works I have been doing since 1978. I will also incorporate audio clips gleaned from various boxing games on the web, special affects sounds etc. The other part will consist of a live performance with video projection. For the performance I propose to do shadow boxing. My movements will trigger the various files projected on a backdrop and/or played through a sound system. I've chosen boxing as a controlled movement that allows for choreography. The rants are language-driven loops that create repetitive poetic overlays and juxtapositions. By using the Kinect camera as a controller these files can be triggered through various movements such as punching or bobbing and weaving. The intention is to create a sort of kinesthetic linguistic performance.



2. Sonia Yuditskayana - Differences in Duration of the Eternal Return


I will bring a small white table. It stands about 3 feet tall and the top is 1x2 feet in dimension. It will be covered with everyday objects, which I will manipulate in a mundane way, such as writing a

letter, eating a salad, etc.


A projector and a camera are mounted 4 feet above the table, microphones are placed under it.  The microphones and camera are continuously monitoring their input's patters of motion.  Both aural

and video durations are then quantized and projected/played back onto the table in its current state.  Juxtaposing and contrasting the quantized, digitized, and narrativized past onto the streaming present of direct experience.


A video of a test run, to give an idea of the structures of motion and

sound can be found here:







3. Lee Wells - The Convergence is Now !!!

Artistic Survival Techniques for the End of the World and Beyond

type: lecture presentation with anonymous audience performers-interrupters

duration: 15 minutes


In the lead up to the December 21, 2012 astrological convergence, Wells will give the first in a series of multi-media-performance-lectures that present a number of ideas and solutions for the artist to survive and thrive. Briefly touching on a number of topics ranging from the weather, war and religion, to future technologies, the alien awakening, other extra-dimensional realities soon to be realized through art and science as humanity approaches singularity.

Presentation will include events by Douglas Kelley, Victor Sheely and David Henry Brown Jr.

Equipment needed: Projector, Audio PA and PC connection.

4. Don Edler - Thinking About the Universe Vol. #2*


This proposal is for a new performance piece that would exist as a continuation of my previous piece "Thinking About the Universe". In the previous work, I invited strangers to my studio to sit down with me, have some Tea, and talk about the Universe. The conversations where recorded and used as a sound element in an eventual sculpture. The previous piece was designed to promote interaction between myself, my work, and the general public (people who would not regularly look at art), the experiment was a great success as I found the conversation to be both informative and mutually beneficial. My new proposal takes the core elements of "Thinking about the Universe" and redesigns the experience to compliment the up-coming Artists Meetings Performance Night. I would like to build a small Bar complete with 2 bar stools, German Beer Steins and a Beer Tap where I would serve Beer to anyone who would be willing to sit at the bar and talk to me about the Universe over the course of one Beer. Our conversations would be recorded and I would once again re-edit the audio for a later piece. The performance would be very simple. I would act as a Bar tender and stand behind my temporary Bar waiting for gallery-goers to ask for a Beer, I would then offer the Beer free-of-charge provided the person agrees to sit down at the Bar for their drink and talk to me about the Universe. If they accept, I would: 1) Check ID, 2) Ask them to Sit on a Stool, 3) Pour them a Beer from the Tap into a German Beer Stein and, 4) initiate the conversation. Once the visitor finished his/her Beer, I would wait for the next participant. The mini-bar would be built to look like a legitimate Bar and would be built out of wood at my studio and designed in a way that it could be easily moved and installed in under 1 hour. The Beer-Tap/ KegOrator and Keg of Beer would be borrowed from my Aunt's Restaurant Café Heidelberg (This has already been arranged). My spatial requirements would be a 8 x 8 foot section of ground space (preferably by a wall) and a power source for the Beer-Tap/electric KegOrator. I would supply all audio recording equipment. I would handle all delivery and installation by myself using my own van to deliver all parts of the piece.

Please view my previous piece "Thinking about the Universe" Here:




5. Paulina V. Ahlstrom -


The second proposal is a reflective projection of the audience as they are viewing the exhibition. I will be drawing them and their movements on a transparent sheet that will be projected on a wall, mirroring the movements of gallery-goers. Since my paintings and films deal largely with human movement and the involvement of deteriorating video documentation, I think this "performance" would be most relevant to my work, as far as intuition and documentation are concerned.


My third performance proposal is purely conceptual and involves me greeting the the gallery-goers at the entrance by writing on a piece of paper "this moment" with the intention of them acknowledging the fragility of every passing second.


6. Maria Joao Salema -      salema_mov_still_life_small.jpg


My proposal is a video projection, not a performance.


The video itself is a moving still life, continuously collapsing and starting over, caught in a perpetual motion of self-regeneration.


It can be either a welcome work at the beginning of the evening and or closing the event, a backdrop moving image on the wall, or be located in a different area of the performances.


I would coordinate with the other AMers performances:

- location, which wall 

- audio, turning it out for the performances, or no audio at all


Also, my first intention was to have a video for Glaring Sound, Thomas' band, and for them to perform with it. If Thomas agrees, it could still play by itself, with no performing Glaring Sound.


Moreover, I would rather not perform, however will gladly help and collaborate on other AMers performances.





7.Olga Lysenko -  Wine Bottle Music Machine


I have been collaborating with Fernando lately and would like to propose a performance on a wine bottle music machine for The Artists Meeting variety evening. The installation takes a nod from drinking glass harps and beer bottle harmonicas and invades the infrastructure of an upright piano to test the limits of the piano's time-established mechanical system.  The piano structure has been reduced from it's social standing in society down to the bare basics of it's original intent: An instrument for the production of melodic sound.






8. Raphaele Shirley - Red line, cigarette, running man, spinning circle 2011


A light diode, Smoke machine, 2 LCD video projectors, a stool, 1 performer


After a hopefully very loud and bright performance from another AMer piece...


the exhibition space goes dark excepting some light emanating form the  side room gallery...

the room begins to fill with a light smoke ( from a smoke machine- doesn't trigger smoke alarms) the audience's eyes get adjusted to the dark, a red line crossing the space above head height begins to emerge within eyesight, a beam of red light ( laser). some one in the middle of the space steps on a stool and reaches with their head and the tip of a cigarette for the light beam. The person is trying to light a cigarette.. (reference Nam June Paik 2 live performances where he lights a cig with a laser) a low rumbling sound ( very low decibel) begins to fill the space ( probably from one of James's drummer, precursor of the next event to come).. a small projection about 12"s x 12" of a running person in black and white ( reference Etienne Jules Marey) is projected on the upper gallery walls and is maually moved around on the wall  ( by means of an operator and projection wheel/lazy susan at the center of the room)...., a second projection appaears on the opposite wall and

they both begin to spin faster and faster until the projection becomes a spinning circle covering all four walls winthin the space..


Lights go on suddenly and silence. The operators are revealed and...


James' piece begins....





9.  NSUMI Collective with Dungeon Master



Nsumi Collective Presents: The First International Speed Metal Drumming and Arts Education Symposium


1.  Opening Plenary Statements by Dungeon Master

2.  Speed Metal Drumming Conference Presentations

3.  Questions and Answers with the Panel Presenters


This fifteen-minute event will consist of an opening statement made by Dungeon Master, followed by five one-minute speed metal drum performances, and finally a five-minute discussion about feelings and the emergent compositions of thoughts experienced by drummers as they perform. The proceedings will be accompanied by video and optical projections, lasers and interior micro-clouds.


All equipment for this piece will be brought into and out of the space by the artists: one small drum set, laptops, a small amplifier, fabrics, fog machines and mini laser-lamps. This is a flexible arrangement and can be modified to suit the needs of the gallery and Artists Meeting


With the participation of Eric Barry Drasin, Cameron Wisch, Raphaele

Shirley and members of Nsumi Collective.




10. Abigail Weg -

An atmospheric piece with video collage of forms found in ribbons, lace and natural forms. On the wall which the piece is projected models or patrons of the show get painted with selected colors according to the projected design. Depending on the space a box made of hanging cloth will contain the installation-interactive piece.


11. Victor Sheely - Myth Thunder Standings

on hind legs, King Coyote Butterfly floats a stinging bee blessing ceremony of the evening's proceedings. Confused? Think Slapstick Houdini Shamanism Magoo, meets Mauhammad Ali, Joseph Beuys and Kings County EminEmily Disckinson on peyote and laughing gas dancing around a bonfire of vanities with a monopoly game used as kindling.


12. David Henry Brown Jr. -  The Thinker

Will present a performance about survival in a future where the state and private thought are ever merging. "freedom is about authority. freedom is about the willingness of every single human being to cede to lawful authority a great deal of discretion about what you do and how you do it." - Rudolph Guliani



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